Saturday, July 21, 2012

DIY: Lovely Mixed-CD Case

Mixed-CDs make awesome little gifts, and here's a way to make one even more special! These babies are way more fun than a standard plastic jewel case. Make a lovely CD case!

You will need:

~ an empty jewel case
~ a piece of brown cardboard more than twice as big as the jewel case
~ a piece of brown paper more than twice as big as the jewel case (I used part of a paper bag)
~ magazines for collaging on the front (or other art supplies you want to use to decorate)
~ a glue gun
~ a ruler
~glue stick
~ a pen and pencil

Step One: Break the clear cover off the jewel case. Break off the two small hinges on the corners of the part of the jewel case that the CD fits into. Discard the clear cover and the broken off hinges.

Step Two: Lay the back of jewel case on the cardboard. Trace around it with the pencil. Repeat so you have two rectangles traced on your card board. Make sure to leave some space in between them.

Step Three: Using the pencil and ruler, extend one edge on each rectangle out by 1 centimeter.

Step Four: Cut out the two rectangles.

Step Five: Lay the two cardboard rectangles on the brown paper, with long sides forming a straight line across the bottom. (Use the ruler to make sure they line up straight.) Leave a little less than a centimeter between the rectangles.

Step Five: Use the pencil to trace a big rectangle on the brown paper, tracing all the way around both cardboard rectangles.

Step Six: Cut out the rectangle you just traced on the brown paper.

Step Seven: Cover the back of one cardboard rectangle with glue stick.

Step Eight: Glue it onto the brown paper rectangle so it lines up with the far edge.

Step Nine: Repeat steps seven and eight with the other cardboard rectangle. The two cardboard rectangles should now be glued onto the brown paper rectangle with a little less then a centimeter in between them.

Step Ten: Flip over the jewel case and use the hot glue gun to put a dab of glue on each of its corners. 

Step Eleven: While the glue is hot, center the jewel case on the right cardboard rectangle. Press it down gently so it sticks. Wait a a few minutes for the glue to cool and harden.

Step Twelve: You can now fold your creation into shape of a CD case. The strip of brown paper you left between the two cardboard rectangles acts like the spine of a book.

Step Thirteen: Write your epic playlist on the inside cover.

Decorate your cover however you like, and there you go! A sweet and quirky addition to an already lovely gift!

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  1. What a beautiful image and way to make a personal present even more awesome.